Welcome to Zoiko Telecom

Transforming the way you connect, communicate, and experience the digital world

Our Vision

Envisioning a connected world where communication know no bounds, Zoiko Telecom strives to be the catalyst for technological evolution, creating a global network that enhances experiences and fosters unity.

What Sets

Zoiko Telecom Apart

Our Comprehensive Offerings

Data Solutions

Pocket-friendly Data SIM Cards, offering savings up to 20% catering to highly Effective Communicators.

Broadband and Fibre Plan

Zoiko Fibre plans with ultrafast internet, unlimited streaming, and end-to-end connectivity

Cloud & Hosting Services

Unified and secure cloud hosting services with 99.9% uptime guaranteed.

Business Solutions

Elevate business with dedicated internet, scalable enterprise cloud solutions, and amazing storage plans.

Landline and VoIP Solutions

Flexible landline plans and Zoiko VoIP System for business.

ISD & Magical Delights

International services with ISD plans offering lower rates, Easy - Talk Bundles, Free SMS.

Security & Automation

Enhanced home security, sustainability, and virtualization -based security surveillance.

Television Plans

Zoiko Television, the UK's No. 1 Channel Aggregator, offering immersive entertainment.

Zoiko Telecom is Empowering Connections,
Entertainment and Protection Across the Globe.

Architects of connectivity, weaving the digital
fabric that binds our world.

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