VoIP Services:

Revolutionise Your Communication
with Zoiko Telecom's Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Solutions

Seamless Voice Connectivity
Over the Internet.

Experience Cost-Effective and Flexible Voice Solutions with Zoiko Telecom's VoIP Services

Features and Benefits of Zoiko VoIP Service

We offer Cost-effective, scalable, and flexible VoIP services with high-quality calls, mobile integration, and advanced features for enhanced productivity and collaboration.

Cost-Effective Communication

Enjoy economical voice solutions for both businesses and individuals. Reduce communication costs with budget-friendly VoIP plans tailored to your needs.

Flexibility and Mobility

Stay connected anywhere with VoIP's flexibility. Access your VoIP services from various devices, ensuring connectivity on the go.



Benefit from advanced features that enhance communication. Utilise voicemail, conference calling, and more for a comprehensive and efficient communication experience.

Call Routing

Efficiently direct calls based on time, ensuring they reach the right buyer.

Auto Dialers

Drive up your agents' productivity with automated dailers and AI filters

Toll Free Numbers

Efficiently direct calls based on time, ensuring they reach the right buyer.

Call Transfer

Efficiently direct calls based on time, ensuring they reach the right buyer.

Live Call Monitoring

Track live incoming calls and ensure delivery of quality leads.

Call Forwarding

A dedicated portal to manage and forword calls for all extensions.

Automated Reports

Get detailed call reports based on different time zones in your inbox.

Load Balancing

Distribute call traffic to balance the load for all departments efficiently.

Choose Zoiko
Telecom's VoIP services

For seamless voice connectivity over the internet, providing cost-effective, flexible, and feature-rich communication solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

All you need are basic KYC documents to get your activation process started.

Yes, our customer support team is available at your service 24/7.

You can get your account activated in less than two hours and be ready to engage callers.

Yes, using VoIP systems is as safe as traditional phone systems as CallCenterHosting provides you with multi-layered network firewall.

Every VoIP call you make is recorded and monitored for quality and security concerns.

Yes, CallCenterHosting offers you a dedicated softphone 6C to make VoIP calls from your registered smartphones.

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