How To Stay Connected Across-The-Globe With a Data-Only SIM Card?

Data-only SIM plans are becoming more popular. They are easy to use and cheaper than standard mobile data plans. They are also efficient for tablet users, desktop computers, laptop users, and mobile Wi-Fi device users who ideally travel abroad frequently and who want to save money on the monthly cost of their data plans by availing of extra roaming costs without having the additional calling and texting charges that come with traditional mobile SIMs.

A data-only SIM card is specifically designed for data usage and does not support phone calls or text messages. Unlike traditional mobile SIM cards, data-only SIMs do not come with calling minutes or texts. Instead, they are bundled with data and provide an alternative to Wi-Fi, allowing users to access the same services that Wi-Fi coverage offers.

While Zoiko Telecom’s data SIM-only deals include additional features, they are primarily intended for data usage. These data SIM-only plans are generally more affordable compared to standard mobile SIM plans since they do only calling and texting services. However, you still receive a phone number with a data-only SIM, which allows you to recharge or reload your data pack and check the remaining data balance.

What Are The Benefits of Data-Only SIM Cards?

Unlimited Data SIM cards are necessary due to the widespread availability of Wi-Fi coverage. However, these data SIM cards offer solutions to specific issues related to Wi-Fi connections. For instance, while Wi-Fi is commonly free and preferred by many, it can become slow and unreliable when overloaded by multiple users. In contrast, a data-only SIM card is typically utilized by a single individual, resulting in a fast and reliable connection.

  • Dedicated data usage: Data-only SIM cards are designed specifically for data usage, providing a dedicated and optimised experience for accessing the internet.
  • Cost-effective: Data-only SIM plans are often cheaper than traditional mobile plans since they do not include calling and texting services that may not be necessary for some users.
  • Flexibility: By using a data-only SIM card, users can enjoy the convenience of accessing the internet on their devices without being tied to a Wi-Fi network. This flexibility is particularly useful in areas where Wi-Fi coverage is limited.
  • Separate internet connection: With a data-only SIM, users can have a separate connection for their data needs, allowing them to keep their mobile SIM card for calls and texts while using the data SIM for internet-related activities.
  • Easy setup: Activating a data-only SIM card is usually a straightforward process, requiring only the insertion of the SIM card into a compatible device and selecting the appropriate data plan.
  • Portable: Data-only SIM cards can be easily transferred and used across different devices, such as tablets, portable hotspots, and IoT devices, providing consistent internet connectivity on the go.
  • Enhanced security: Using a data-only SIM can provide an extra layer of security by keeping personal calls and text messages separate from data usage, reducing the risk of sensitive information being compromised.
  • Control over data usage: With a data-only SIM, users can closely monitor and control their data consumption, helping them stay within their allocated data limits and avoid unexpected charges.

In addition, Wi-Fi networks may impose limitations on users, restricting their access to certain internet content. However, data-only SIM cards offer unrestricted usage, allowing users to freely access the internet without any limitations.

Furthermore, data-only SIM cards offer users a higher level of privacy, even when accessing the internet in public areas that provide Wi-Fi.

"Data SIM cards are the best solution to enjoy the benefits of mobile internet on a low budget."

What is Devices Compatibility in Data Only SIM Cards?

Data SIM cards fit into devices having SIM card slots other than mobile phones. These devices include tablets, Smart TVs, Wi-Fi dongles, notebooks, gaming consoles, laptops, etc.

A data SIM is also used in other devices such as broadband dongles, gaming consoles, PCs, tablets, etc. that do not have a slot for a traditional SIM card. Data SIMs can be purchased from a variety of places, including online and offline stores. Data SIM cards are a great way to add data to your smartphone’s existing plan. They can save you money by allowing you to use the internet without making any extra payments.

So, why not buy a data SIM-only plan instead of a dongle or Wi-Fi hotspot when you can use your phone as a portable hotspot?

A data-only SIM card provides full access to all your wireless network's data when used with a phone that supports SIM cards. Here, you can get more from your mobile connection. Data SIMs allow you to connect your device to the internet without the use of a phone.

Network-locked dongles, Smart TVs, and Wi-Fi hotspots can be expensive, and inconvenient to purchase or commit to long-term contracts, as a result, many people prefer using a spare smartphone as an always-available portable hotspot.

Why choose a data-only SIM plan instead of a mobile SIM plan?

People now rely more on social media communication, such as VoIP calling, live video creations, updating geo-locations on social media, uploading Pictures on social media, and real-time chatting with friends and families, which uses data. Opt for a data-only SIM plan if you don't require making numerous calls, as it will still keep you connected with your loved ones. To save money on calls, go for cheap and affordable plans.

You have two options if you want to make calls using your data-only SIM card. You can either opt for advanced data-only SIMs that allow call and text features or use social media apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype, etc. that deliver crystal clear audio and video calling experiences. Crystal-clear & blazing fast connectivity is guaranteed.

Why have Zoiko Telecom Data-only SIM deals?

Zoiko Telecom Data-only SIM deals offer more flexibility compared to traditional broadband plans. They come with shorter contract lengths, ranging from one to twelve months, allowing users to easily switch or cancel their plans as needed.

Zoiko Telecom Data-only SIM deals are economical, as well as our corporate SIM-only plans offer much more flexibility in diverse plans to optimise your industrial we do not require users to purchase new devices. Users can simply insert the SIM card into their existing devices, such as tablets or portable hotspots, to access the internet.

Wide range of plans:
Zoiko Telecom Data-only SIM deals come with a variety of plans to choose from. Users can compare the available deals from different providers in their area and select the one that best suits their needs in terms of data allowance, speed, and price.

Fast internet speeds: All data-only SIM plans come with 4G connectivity, and some even offer 5G support. Zoiko Telecom Data-only SIM deals allow users to enjoy fast internet browsing, streaming, and downloads, enhancing their online experience.


The Data-Only SIM card provides a sophisticated internet access method. It can outpace Wi-Fi that is shared by multiple users. Due to their convenience and portability, they can also be used while travelling.

When you travel, you can now have the most affordable and reliable Zoiko Telecom SIM-only deals in either short-term or corporate SIM-only plans for long-term duration as per your budget. This SIM card is faster than other networks and can be used for connecting to the internet even in places where there is no Wi-Fi. With the Zoiko Telecom Data Only SIM card, faster internet access is now easier than ever. Get our corporate SIM-only plans with a unique new range of customised deals, tailored to suit your daily business needs.

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