Poly Calisto 5300

"Polycom Calisto 5300 Portable Bluetooth & USB Speakerphone"
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Connectivity Medium: Connect to PC with USB connectivity (USB-A or USB-C) and smartphone or tablet with Bluetooth
Adjustable Volume and Intuitive Calls: Hands-Free with Touch Controls that allow for easy answering and end calls, mute and control call volume Omnidirectional Mics to hear and be heard uniformly pick up sound from all directions 360-degree microphone for conference-quality audio Full duplex audio with echo cancellation Never miss a call again with the neckband vibrating to alert. Shown your connection status, mute status, remaining talk time and more
Portable Gadgets: Pocket size, easy-carry-to, on-the-go, with a handy storage box in your pocket case, small Bluetooth speakers occupy less valuable space
Audio: Powerful audio playback ability to make good conference calls. In-person conversation flow mimics real-world voice clarity. Active Noise Cancellation. Provides high-quality audio-rich perceptual experience
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